Nine Tips To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat (2): From Rest To Stress

Fat loss is a common theme for many at the gym.

Fat loss has derived a multi million pound series of businesses dedicated to helping people lose fat, and lose weight.

In the first part, Nine Tips To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat: From Protein To Weights, four of nine often used recommendations for losing fat were set out. Those ranged from increased eating of protein, to reduced drinking of alcohol. Picking up from that list, here is Part 2, with the remaining five suggestions.

Before carrying on, it must be stressed that there are a great many ways and means to lose fat, and to effectively control your body fats (after all, not all fats are bad; your body does need some stored fat). This is simply a list of the most common suggestions used by many personal trainers, coaches and nutritionists.


  1. Add Metabolic Circuits or Finishers to your Workouts

A metabolic circuit is often explained as interval training mixed with resistance training. What this gives overall is the fat burning and heart derived benefits of intensive cardio exercise together with the muscle building benefits of a hefty weight workout. Adding such an element to your workout will not only improve your cardio – but will greatly help to reduce and curb body fat. For best effect, choose a variety of exercises, such a regular weight training exercises or body weight routines, then mix them together. In this way, you will also alternate the various groups of muscles worked on.  Not only does the sheer intensity and variety of  muscle development aid in reducing fat – but he intensity of the average metabolic circuit will end up burning up a great deal of energy – and fat.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Being properly hydrated is a vital part of any lifestyle, and is often overlooked in the busy 21st century world. Aside from bringing great health benefits, being properly hydrated will enable your body to fully function to process fats, and will overall contribute to fat reduction. Advice ranges from drinking 2 – 3 litres of water a day, to a full 8 litres.

  1. Sleep

Similar to (6), sleep is also greatly overlooked in the bustling 21st century. Many doctors and sleep scientists recommend a full 8 or so hours of sleep a night, with most of that full, deep REM sleep. Not only does a full nights sleep enable your body to fully repair itself, and to adapt and adjust to the exertions of that day – but muscles grow and recuperate following exercise whilst asleep. A well rested body is also better able to process and remove fats.

  1. Eat More Fibre

Fibre, for many reasons, should be a part of any healthy, balanced diet. Aside from that, fibre can help in lowering fat levels. The common suggestion is to consume 25g (women) or 38g (men) of fibre daily. Outside of grains, many fruits and vegetables are often high in fibre.

  1. Reduce Stress Levels

High stress levels often have people reaching for comfort foods – often high in sugar, fats or carbohydrates. Less stress means that many psychologically will be less inclined to do so. Aside from that, high stress can trigger cortisol and similar metabolic changes in your body. Stress can also trigger ‘flight or fight’ responses, which include eating more (having greater cravings), an increased amount of fats stored in your body, and high levels of sugar in our blood. Both of those are designed to give your body extra energy if needed but are not overly helpful in the usually sedentary lifestyle of the 21st century.


Overall, fat loss is usually caused by a shift in energy balance. This will come from watching your calorie intake, and in getting enough protein. Here, protein shakes such as BPI Sports ISO HD (specifically designed for fat loss) are recommended. Lifting weights and exercising properly, in addition to considering your rest and relaxation habits, will all contribute to helping you lose fat.

As with exercise in general – patience is also very important. It will take time to see significant fat loss, but if tackled the right way, over time the result will be astounding.


James Monroe

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