Nine Tips To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat: From Protein To Weights

Many personal trainers and coaches get asked one question a lot. Many of those who go to the gym, or who take part in recreational competitive sports, often have a similar goal. When devising a gym routine, or considering exercise sets and reps, for many there is one thing they are seeking to do. Or many, their motivation and rationale for going to the gym, or adapting to a healthy lifestyle, can be summed up in this one thing. Indeed, there is a multi-million pound industry, comprising exercises, diets, organised events and foods, all centred on this one thing.

Worked out what it is yet? Of course you have!

Fat. Or rather, fat loss, particularly stubborn fat.

Fat loss is a major theme often asked of many a fitness or nutrition expert. There is much that has already been said and to fully cover that would take several posts. However, nine suggestions and advice often given by the experts is below.


  1. Be in a Calorie Deficit (burn more calories than you eat)

Essentially, this means burning more calories in exercise and physical exertion than you eat. This in turn means watching carefully what you eat, and considering your food in line with your level of physical activity.

  1. Eat enough Protein

As a general rule, this usually means eating around 1.2 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. Protein helps to build and strengthen muscle, and will not add to the body’s stores of fats. Indeed, protein significantly helps in muscle growth – which in turn helps your body lose fat based weight. It’s not easy consuming that amount of protein consistently thought diet alone, so supplementing with a whey protein shake can help.

  1. Reduce your Alcohol Intake

This one may be hard, as everyone enjoys the odd drink – especially in social settings. The point here is to drink moderately, and not to drink to excess, or to binge drink. The basis of many alcoholic drinks are actually often high in fat or carbohydrate content; this is especially so of beer. Many spirits are often grain based (vodka being a good example), and therefore add to your body’s fat stores. Fat loss; another reason to drink in moderation!

  1. Lift Weights

Lifting weights, around 3 – 4 times a week, can, surprisingly, give significant results in your efforts to lose fat. Lifting weights helps to create muscle tissue to ensure efficient weight loss. Also, for some, fat around the arms and shoulders can be something they are seeking to reduce; lifting weights targets those muscles in most cases, making it the perfect exercise for that purpose.


It must be stressed that there are a great many ways to effectively lose fat. Those methods also do not necessarily involve exercises. Every personal trainer, coach and nutritionist has their own suggested and recommended methods, with this list just setting out nine of the most common recommended methods for fat loss.

It is a subject that much can be – and has been – written about and discussed. For the remainder of this list of nine suggested fat loss tips, see Nine Tips To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat (2): From Rest To Stress


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