Suggested Workouts For Beginners

After many broken New Year Resolutions, after many failed promises to yourself and others, finally they have had that change of mindset, that change of lifestyle. You are finally going to get in shape and get fitter.

Whether you are a complete novice, or jumping back into the gym after a longer-than-planned hiatus (life does sometimes throw curve balls after all), sometimes the hardest part in starting (again) is in figuring out where to actually start.

With that in mind, here is a list of overall workout guidelines, and a suggested series of whole body exercises to start out with. It is important, however, to take things gently a first, and to be steady. Over time, the weights and reps can be piled on – but if you attempt that in the first week, you are inviting an injury.

Even more important, however, is in developing the right workout for you, your body, your fitness state and your requirements. It is always advisable to seek expert advice from a member of gym staff or a personal trainer Don’t be afraid to stop passing gym staff to ask such questions; in many cases, they will be happy to help, and happy to guide and advise you.

Workout Guidelines:

  • You may be initially much more intimidated by the various machines (some of which better resemble medieval torture instruments) than by the ease and freedom of the free weights – but as a beginner, using those machines can actually help prevent injury. When you are out of practice, your core and joints quite simply do not have the necessary strength needed to support your body during training. The machines support these weaker body areas and allow you to effectively isolate the intended muscle.
  • Go to the gym and do your workout at least two times per week with one day off in between each workout.
  • Alter our reps to suit your goals. For health, do 8-12 reps with sufficient weight to tire out that muscle you’re working on. To gain muscle, do two sets of 8-12 reps with sufficient weight to fatigue the muscle you’re working on. What this means is that you should not be able to move on to that second set without a rest after your last rep.

Full-Body Workout – Best Exercises for Beginners:

This is just a selection of exercises commonly recommended by physical training experts for beginners. It is not definitive at all, and it is strongly suggested to talk to gym staff or a personal trainer prior to embarking on any course of physical fitness.

  1. Treadmill – Run a moderate pace for 5 /10 minutes to warm up.
  2. Leg Press
  3. Lying Leg Curl
  4. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
  5. Pushups
  6. Sit Ups
  7. Triceps Pulldown With Rope
  8. Bicep Curl
  9. Military Shoulder Press
  10. Calf Raises
  11. Ab Crunch Machine

Another key point is to warm up and cool down before and after a workout, it is important to get into that habit when starting out, as this will reduce the risk of injury. Similarly, get into the habit early on (especially if getting back into the gym after a long absence, and your muscles need to re-adjust to regular gym activity) of stretching before and after. This helps to loosen and repair your muscles before and after any vigourous activity, and if performed correctly after a workout can reduce any stiffness the next day.

Remember, the key here is consistency. Combining a highly nutritious diet, cardiovascular exercises and the best, recommended exercises for gym beginners will have you well on your way to a fitter, healthier, more toned and agile individual – but only if you stick with exercising and working out on a regular basis.


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