Things To Consider About the Gym Before Arriving At The Gym

So you have decided to alter your lifestyle. You have decided to get fit and healthy, and have joined a gym. That is a great start – but before starting out on the spin machines and the weights, there are just a few things to consider and plan…

As mentioned, this is a lifestyle change; it is not just about going to the gym. For best effect and impact, a change in diet and nutrition is often advised, as are a few changes to your lifestyle overall. Such changes could be large or small, subtle or sweeping, all depending on your individual lifestyle.

Diet and nutrition play a very large part in any healthy, active lifestyle. After all, your body has to be properly fuelled and supported with balance of calories, fats and proteins. However, such matters of sports nutrition are for different posts!

A very important thing to think about early is one simple question; what do you want out of going to the gym? It may be a simple question – but the answer can be complex. After all, there are different regimes and workouts depending whether you want to lose fat, tone your body, put on muscle, improve stamina and so on. Each of those (and all the other many gaols and reasons to start at the gym) will often have different exercise and reps. For example, for fat loss many suggest 3 x 10 reps. To improve your core, crunches (of which there are several varieties) are always recommended. To gain muscle effectively, many advocate 8/12 reps, with sufficient rest in between reps and sets. The variations of exercises and reps abound, and need to be considered in line with your fitness and health goals. Some advice in this regard can be found in these two related posts: Suggested Workouts For Beginners, and Common Mistakes For Beginners.

Given that, it is important to be as informed as possible before deciding on a workout routine, and hitting the weights and machines. Stop to plan and consider your routine. The Internet has a lot of helpful guides and information, but be warned; some sites are less helpful and reputable than others. It is hard to be definitive about where to go online to get reputable and serious advice about fitness in this era of ‘fake news’ and even faker advice, so do be prepared to weigh up all that you read online. Reputable, well known gyms, sports brands and companies can usually be relied upon, as can well known and respected magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health & Fitness, and similar.

That is why it is often highly beneficial to talk to staff at your new gym, or even to go as far as arranging a few initial personal training sessions to discuss your goals. Indeed, many gyms offer one or two free or discounted personal trainer sessions to new members; take advantage, ask questions, learn, and take on board what they say. Another advantage of talking to those physical training experts is that they can show you how to use the machines and equipment, and how to perform certain exercises, safely, lessening the risk of you accidentally hurting yourself through incorrect exercises through a simple lack of knowledge.

There is a lot to consider and plan before even arriving at the gym, including existing lifestyle and personal trainers. Those and more areas for beginners are the feature of More Things For Beginners To Consider Before Arriving At The Gym.


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